Easy Package

Woodland Flooring has teamed up with Zip Money to give you the opportunity to pay for your purchase with flexible monthly payment plans.




ZIP is a simple and convenient online payment option that lets you buy now and pay later with no credit card required. It’s quick and simple and is specifically designed to help you manage your online spending.

How does my Account work?

Once your Facility is approved, accepted and verified, an Account is established and you can begin to make purchases. Each purchase requires authorisation by both you and ZIP. Once your purchase is authorised, ZIP pays the Merchant on your behalf and your product is shipped. You then make your repayments back to ZIP. You are required to repay at least the minimum repayment amount each month, but you can pay as much or as often as you like, with no penalty, to reduce your balance as quickly as possible. You may re-use your Account for further purchases at any time as long as you have available funds under your credit limit and your Account is up to date.

You can login to your account and make repayments whenever you want too so it makes it easy to budget.

How long does it take to apply online?

Our application process is quick and easy and you will usually have an answer within 4 minutes of starting your application! Once your Account is accepted and verified you can use it anywhere you see the ZIP logo.

Are there any fees and charges payable on my ZIP Line of Credit Facility?

There are no annual fees. A monthly service fee of $4.95  is charged for any month there is a balance outstanding on your Account.

What is the minimum amount I need to pay?

The minimum monthly repayment amount is the greater of 3% of your outstanding balance or a fixed monthly amount which is determined by your account limit. This will be disclosed in your contract and can also be found on your monthly statement or via your online access at the ZIP Consumer Centre.

Once your Account is approved and you have accepted the Terms and Conditions and entered your secure SMS code, your Account will be activated. After activation you can start purchasing right away!


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