What is “Kempas” engineered hardwood flooring

Kempas isn’t on the radar screens of most homeowners looking to buy floors, Kempas is a rather solid type of hardwood originating from Indonesia and Malaysia that is often used for flooring. Its botanical name is Koompassia malaccensis.

Kempas is about 30% harder than Tasmanian Oak in the Australian hardwood species.

What color is it?

Kempas begins as a reddish- or pinkish-brown and, with finishing, darkens to a deeper red-brown. From a distance, finished kempas looks almost like certain types of ordinary hardwoods, even red oak. Yet upon closer examination, it does prove to have an attractive coarse-grained look with a medium interlocking grain.

We sell both the engineered hardwood and solid pre finished hardwood options for Kempas timber from various suppliers.

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