Oil finishes for engineered hardwood flooring

Oil is fast becoming the preferred option for floor finishes. Oil enhances the natural beauty and durable nature of wood by penetrating the grain and hardening the wood fibres.

The Roken series is finished in natural hardwood oils by WOCA of Denmark which enables the timber to breathe, regulating humidity and aiding in the prevention of warping and cupping.

The UV Oil coating is a penetrating system with a low build finish that is further cured by UV lights. The curing process makes it extremely durable against spills and surface scratches while the thin, flexible coating allows for easy repairs or spot touch ups. Maintenance of an oiled wood floor is important, as the floor is maintained it continues to be nourished and enhanced as it ages.

Roken-Engineered-Plank-Flooring Stairs-Roken-Plank-Flooring Roken-Plank-Flooring-Kitchen Roken-Plank-Flooring-Entry Roken-Plank-Flooring-Engineered-Hardwood Roken-Engineered-Hardwood-Flooring

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