Husk Hybrid Flooring over Tiles and Timber Flooring

Our customer at Forresters Beach selected the Hybrid Embelton flooring for a full home transformation. Part of the home was tiled and the other section was timber flooring. After levelling the flooring with 11 bags of ardex grout the husk hybrid was installed throughout and the result was a modern and luxurious new look! This durable flooring is also a great choice to tie in with their pool and the sandstone pavings as well as being 100% waterproof.

Embelton-Husk-Hybrid Hallway-Husk-Hybrid Hallway-Husk-Hybrid-Embelton Husk-Hybri-Levelling Husk-Hybrid-Bedroom Husk-Hybrid-Flooring Husk-Hybrid-Tile Kitchen-Husk-Hybrid-Flooring Kitchen-levelling Kitchen-Levelling-Works Over-Timber-Husk-Hybrid Timber-Tile-Levelling-Works




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