How to choose the right laminate floor

When shopping for laminate flooring there are several factors that can be taken into consideration including:-

1/ Thickness of the boards and length and width of the boards

2/ AC Rating – durability

3/ Finish including patterns, colours and styles

4/ Warranty

5/ Locking System

1/ There are five standard laminate-flooring plank thicknesses on the market. As you might expect, the thinner the plank the less expensive the laminate floor. Starting at 8 millimeter (8 mm), 10 millimeter (10 mm) and 12 millimeter (12 mm) and water resistant 14 millimeter (14mm)

A thicker plank is easier to install. It’s actually a bit forgiving because it can better span minor subfloor deviations without problems later.

Laminate also comes in different lengths. From 1.2 metre length up to 2.2 metre length with different widths to compliment.

2/ An AC rating is a common term used to indicate the durability level of laminate. The higher the AC rating on a laminate floor, the more durable it is in everyday situations. Laminate flooring rated at AC1 through to AC4 is created using direct pressure laminate, while AC5 or higher is created using high pressure laminate.

AC1 Moderate Residential.

Built to withstand only light residential use. Suitable for closets or bedrooms.

AC2 General Residential

Built for moderate foot traffic. Suitable in residential spaces that don’t see a tremendous amount of wear and tear like dining rooms or living rooms.

AC3 Heavy Residential/ Moderate Commercial

Built for all kinds of residential use including high–traffic rooms and even commercial spaces that have light traffic like offices without off-street traffic and hotel rooms.

AC4 General Commercial

Built to withstand every kind of residential use as well as more heavily trafficked commercial spaces that have off-street traffic like offices, cafes, and boutiques.

AC5 Heavy Commercial

Built for the busiest commercial uses and high–traffic spaces like department stores and government building.

3/ Select a laminate colour that is unique to your home. Whether you want your home decor theme to be modern, beachy, country or traditional for example there is a laminate that suits.

The most popular styles of laminate flooring planks will continue to mimic hardwood floors as well as traditional, exotic, reclaimed and vintage woods.

Now with the latest technologies in scratch and stain resistance and even anti mold properties built in, laminate flooring can be at home in any setting from cottages to palatial estates

4 A laminate flooring warranty will usually span from 20 to 30 years and will have terms and conditions on the laminate. It is important to read the warranty and adhere by the directions.

5/ Most laminates are installed by clicking boards together. There are various click systems on the market and they all vary but the principle remains the same, click locking the laminate boards together.

You simply place the tongue of one plank into the groove of another at an angle and press down. The sophisticated and very accurate milled shape makes it possible to create a very tight connection during installation. The floor can be walked on straight away.

For more information on laminate flooring or to see a collection of styles please contact us.

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