Bamboo Timber Flooring

Central Coast and Newcastle bamboo flooring supply and installation.

Designers were seeking an alternative to hardwood flooring that would be more affordable and quicker to produce, and they found it in the environmentally friendly resource of bamboo. Bamboo flooring is essentially fibers of bamboo compressed together and stabilised with resins.

We sell cold pressed and hot pressed bamboo.

Bamboo flooring is easy to care for, creates a clean and striking finish that is easy to install and extremely hardwearing. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable, insect resistant, moisture resistant, dimensionally stable, durable and affordable flooring option.

Bamboo flooring colours from $49.00m2

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Slate Grey



Lime Grey

Smoked Coffee

Walnut - Strand Woven

Brown Sugar - Strand Woven

Caramel - Strand Woven

Coffee - Strand Woven

Fawn - Strand Woven

Mahogany - Strand Woven

Natural- Strand Woven

Tiger - Strand Woven

Yellow Ash - Strand Woven

Jarrah - Hand Scraped

Carbonized - Strand Woven

Champagne - Strand Woven

Natural - Strand Woven

Australiana- Strand Woven

Japanese Black - Hand Scraped

Silver Leaf - Hand Scraped

Tradition - Hand Scraped

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