Aquastop Sunshine 14mm Laminate Flooring

What a decadent choice of laminate flooring! The “Sunshine” Aquastop is a 14mm laminate with an impressive width of 244mm and boasts a great depth of colour throughout of both light and dark shades of caramels and browns.

Aquastop is an innovative laminate technology that delivers a unique set of qualities that is engineered to inhibit moisture ingress from topical liquid spills, water and pet accidents. he The 14mm range presents with 72 hour protection. Swiss Krono laminate products are produced from 100% natural materials with timber sourced from FSC certified forest resources.

Bedroom_Sunshine_Aquastop_Laminate Close_Up-Sunsune_Aquastop Entrance_Sunshine_Aquastop Entrance_Sunshine_Aquastop_Laminate Hallway_Sunshine_Aquastop Kitchen_Sunshine_Aquastop_Laminate Living_Sunshine_Aquastop_Laminate Sunshine_Aquastop_laminate Top_of_Stairs_Sunshine_Aquastop

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