Advantages of selecting Solid Pre Finished Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished solid floors are gaining lots of momentum! – This is solid hardwood flooring that comes already sanded, sealed, and ready to nail into place.

One of the biggest advantages of prefinished solid flooring is that the install time is significantly reduced as the boards do not need to be sanded and also eliminates the sanding cost.


Prefinished floor boards are much more uniform in their coloring / staining than unfinished boards because they are stained and finished in a controlled environment.

Another chief feature of pre-finished flooring is its thick, multiple layer of urethane coating where there is no streaking, bubbling or missed spots. Pre finished planks include a thicker more uniform coating than a manually finished board.

Available in both 90mm wide and 122mm wide the boards are glued and secret nailed just like raw hardwood floors.

The Top Deck flooring is pre finished with 9 layers of German Treffert finish, making them durable and they are environmentally friendly with an EO VOC rating so there are no harmful odours to deal with.

Top Deck – “Kerangi King Teak” solid pre finished installation below:-

Pre-Finished-Kerangi-King-Teak Kerangi-King-Teak-Solid Kerangi-King-Teak-Hallway copy Bedroom-Kerangi-King-Teak Bedroom-2-King-Teak

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