Grand Provincial Pale Lime Oak 8mm Laminate

The cool brown base and yellow highlights of Pale Limed Oak 8mm laminate flooring is paired with accentuated rustic oak wood grains that offers an authentic rustic feel.

The Grand Provincial Oak series of Architectural timber laminate flooring, are widely considered in the industry to be the finest, most realistic laminate floors in the world.

Grand Provincial Oak laminate flooring is a bold collection which radiates a new level of refinement in laminate flooring. This new range of laminate flooring features 14 modern colours that will fit any decor. Our laminate flooring can exude rustic warmth through the characteristic wood knots and limed, washed finishes or sleek modernism through the silky surface textures and the accentuated grooves.The gentle tones and ever changing play of light and shade ensure your floor is an envied feature of your home. The laminate flooring boards are a generous 196mm width, replicating European styled Oak plank.Installation is a breeze with the Välinge patented 2G glueless locking system.

8mm Laminate Pale Lime Oak Bedroom 8mm Laminate Pale Lime Oak Close up 8mm Laminate - Pale Lime Oak Living Room 8mm Pale Lime Oak Laminate Pale Lime Oak 8mm Laminate Pale Lime Oak 8mm Laminate Bedroom

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